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It is wise to undergo Preventive Health Checks rather than to think of a hospital only during times of illness. Health Checkups ensure good health and a worry free life. Sooriya Hospital has developed a range of packages to cater to the needs of a wide cross section of people living in Chennai or visting Chennai.

Each of the above packages includes Medical Questionaire, Complete physical examination, Physician consultation, Gynaec checkup by Gynaecologist in Package II, WWC and EHC, Diet councelling and ideal weight management, Advise regarding exercise and healthy life style. Preventive health check programmes function under the able guidance of Medical Director, Dr.Sooriyakala Sreekumar.MD.,DGO.,FRCOG(UK)., The physical examination and physician consultation is provided by Senior consultant physician & Diabetologist

If you are a known diabetic, give fasting blood sample and then take your regular diabetic medicine before giving the post prandial (exact 2 hours after food) blood sample.

After giving the blood and urine sample the other investigations will be continued. Complete reports will be handed over to you the same day evening by the consultant who examines you.

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The yoga sessions were of great help to me as I felt very relaxed after doing them. It made me come out of emotions like, fear, tension. My body pain is also completely relieved. Apart from learning yoga, the teacher also exposes us to acquire more information about pregnancy and yoga.

- Kalpana Ganes   
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Yoga classes! To me was a great deal of enjoyment. I could learn many things from the yoga teacher. After practicing what is being taught I am able to remain active for the whole day.

-P.Vigneshwari Saravanakumaran  
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These yoga classes have been beneficial to me in number of ways. It removes all the stress . I realized the importance of breathing which is so important for all of us. The teacher also taught us basic moral values and how to solve any situation in our day to day life.

- M.Mohanapriya Balasubramaniam  
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