Best Hospital for Endometriosis in chennai

Our Gynecology Department deals with all minor and major gynecological issues including cancers. We have a Well-Woman package which provides a means for women to get their general and gynecological health tested. We aim to perform all surgeries through laparoscopy including hysterectomies and have a very strong laparoscopy team with state of the art equipment.

We have recently set up an Endometriosis Centre under Dr, Rajiv Sreekumar, MRCOG CCT (UK) to provide women who suffer with Endometriosis a holistic Multi-Disciplinary approach towards their treatment.


Best Hospital for Endometriosis in chennai

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is abnormal growth of endometrial cells (similar to those inside the uterus), but growing outside the uterus causing severe pain. It affects young women (15 – 55 yrs) and the exact cause for it has not been identified. It leads to inflammation and scarring and can run in families.
Best Hospital for Endometriosis in chennai
6 Symptoms you may have endometriosis:
  • Dysmennorhea – Severe Pain during periods
  • Menorrhagia – Heavy bleeding
  • Infertility – Difficulty with getting pregnant
  • Dyspareunia - Painful sex
  • Irritable bowels
  • Chronic back pain

How can it be diagnosed?

A gynecologist with expertise in endometriosis will need to take a history and then examine you to look for any signs. An ultrasound scan can reveal endometriosis within the ovaries (endometriomas). But endometrosis in other areas of the pelvis may not easily be seen of scan and you may need a laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) to confirm the diagnosis. Endometriosis varies from stage 1 (mild) to stage 4 (severe) and this can be diagnosed at laparoscopy.

What are the treatment options?

Treatment for endometriosis needs to be individualized and depends on what the person’s main problems are. Medical treatments are available and this includes just pain relief in mild cases and then hormonal treatments. Hormonal treatments can be in the form of tablets, 3 monthly injections and hormone containing coils.

When is surgery needed?

Fertility: It has been shown that around 30 % of women who are struggling to become pregnant may have endometriosis. Evidence shows that removal of endometriosis can have beneficial effects on improving fertility. Also if endometriosis is affecting the ovaries causing cyst formation, it is important to get these surgically removed depending upon the size of the cysts.

Pain:Some women with endometriosis struggle with severe pain on a daily basis and there is very good evidence from the U.K to show that surgical removal of endometriosis can benefit them greatly and improve their quality of life. Severe endometriosis can be removed using laparoscopy and here at Sooriya we are able to offer this service through our Endometriosis Centre. Dr. Rajiv Sreekumar who heads our team was trained in the U.K at Cornwall Endometriosis Centre under the BSGE President Mr. Dominic Byrne. We work in collaboration with the Gastro Surgeons as during these surgeries we may need to remove endometriosis from the bowel.

Normal Female Pelvis

Best Hospital for Endometriosis in chennai

Pelvis with Severe Endometriosis

Best Hospital for Endometriosis in chennai