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MATERNITY Hospital in Chennai for Normal Delivery

  • At Sooriya Hospital we aim to deliver a holistic experience to pregnant couples from pre-conception until delivery. We strongly believe that pregnancy in itself is a natural experience and as medical professionals we should only intervene in times of need.

  • This is truly reflected by our high normal delivery rates ( > 80%) and patient satisfaction. Our team consists of three senior gynecologists who provide a 365 day service. There is also a 24 hour dedicated gynaecology / maternity medical team and ward for emergencies.

  • The maternity services are ably assisted by an excellent Pediatric team and a state of the art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which has successfully cared for even very pre-term babies weighing as little as 600 grams. It is for this reason that we are the best maternity hospital for normal delivery in chennai.`
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  • The hospital also has a 20 bedded Intensive Care Unit with state of the art Ultrasound, CT and MRI facilities. In order to make the journey through pregnancy stress free we conduct Parent Craft classes for couples to attend on a monthly basis. In house counseling is also available if required.

  • Antenatal yoga classes conducted by our qualified yoga instructor has been one of the facilities our pregnant women have greatly benefitted from, as it both helps them maintain their fitness and flexibility which in the end increases their chances of having a normal delivery.

  • Sooriya Hospital prides itself in having a dedicated maternity nursing team who form the backbone of our department.

  • Our highly trained nursing staff headed by Sisters Vijaya, Jayachitra and Preethi provide round the clock, one to one care in labour with both skill and empathy. They are also trained to provide assistance with breastfeeding and educating mothers on childcare.

  • Ms. Preethi Manohar is our in-house counselor who has helped many of our women to deal with anxiety, depression and family issues which can affect women and couples during pregnancy.

  • She also runs our Parentcraft classes on a regular basis which educates couples on the journey through pregnancy and what to expect.
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  • Mrs. Subashini is our trained in house yoga therapist who is a specialist in antenatal and post-natal yoga.

  • Our mums to be have enjoyed practicing yoga during their pregnancies under her guidance for the past 14 years.

  • Yoga keeps them fit, flexible, mentally positive and most of all avoids unnecessary weight gain, need for pain relief in labour and has been a great contributor in enabling women achieve normal deliveries.
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  • Best Maternity Hospital in Chennai-StaffMrs. Kamala has been part of Sooriya Hospital’s Gynaecology Department for 25 years.

  • She manages the out-patient department efficiently and is always available to answer queries related to appointments, admission and billing.

  • These are some of the small things that make Sooriya Hospital, the best maternity hospital in chennai.