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Sooriya Hospital : Covid 19 Testimonials

Covid Testimonial 1
Jun 27, 2020

I am R. Karthikeyan, a close friend of Shri C Chandrasekar IG (retd) admitted to your hospital on 18-06-2020 room no.308 for treatment for covid 19. My wife K. Rohini is also admitted in room no.311 from the same date. My younger brother L.R. Balu too was admitted in room no. 306 on 19-06-2020 and got discharged after three days of medical care.

Sir, I wish to place on record the excellent services being rendered by your hospital in treating the covid patients. Right from CT scan, admission and during the entire stay time your staff members are doimg yeoman and selfless services to the covid patients. This I have observed and observing from day one of admission in the hospital. Doctors Sarvashri Anantharaman, Santhosh and Vinith need special mention in this regard. Not lagging behind are yhr nurses Jeeva, Salomi, Harini and others. The list imcludes the support staff Kumaresan Jaya and Lakshmi.

I am fortunate to receive their kind services at this age. I am 66 years old and also introduce myself as a Manager (retd) from Reserve Bank of India. Long live the selfless services rendered by your hospital in this hour of imternational health crisis.

Sir, in all possibility Iam likely to be discharged, free from covid 19 , today. I am awaiting the swab test result today. I cannot forget SOORIYA HOSPITAL till my life time as this is our second birth, especially to my wife.

Kindly accept my heartfelt thanks for reviving our lives.
Sir, finally a request.

While settling my bill/claim I request you to kindly allow maximum discount since I have remitted the entire amount of my hard earned entire savings as hospital fee for myself,.wife and my brother. I request you to kindly extend this favour to me.

Once again thanking you Sir.
R. Karthikeyan

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