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Sooriya Hospital - Department of Cardiac Care

The Cardiology department offers a breadth of specialized expertise and differentiates itself in all aspects of care. The Cardiac department is headed by Dr.M.Jayarajah cardiologist with 30 years of experience.

We focus exclusively on cardiac patient care sharing information and forming plans tailored to each patient and is completely backed by an Intensive Care Unit with 24 hrs service in order to deal with any cardiac emergencies.

We have state of the art ICU with facilities for bedside pacing. The Cardiology hospital is equipped with two Echo Doppler units one is a standalone unit (GE vivid 3) another one is a bed side mobile unit (Esaoate) Exercise stress testing (TMT) and Holter monitoring are available.

The Cardiology department incorporates a Siemens Cardiac Cath Lab which is spacious and customized incorporating latest technology and offering excellent image resolution and reliability. We have facilities for angioplasty both coronary and peripheral as well as Permanent Pace Maker implantation and ICD implantation.

It is a complete Heart Care department for both in-patients and out- patients in a comprehensive way delivered in a modern patient friendly environment by a dedicated team of cardiologists, doctors, technicians, nurses and administrative staff.


10.00am — 2.00pm 5.00pm — 9.00pm All Days except Sundays

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