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Dr. S.T.Sivaraman MS.,

Dr. S.T.Sivaraman trained in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, a premier and one of the best teaching institute in India.

During his seven years tenure in the department of Orthopaedics, first three years as a resident, one year as a research associate and the last 3 years as a registrar, he was exposed to most of the major and minor elective as well as emergency orthopaedic problems like trauma, paediatric orthopaedics, spinal surgery, bone tumours, arthroplasties and arthroscopies. He was actively involved in patient management, initially under supervision and later on independently.

During this training period, he gained satisfactory experience of managing patients with polytrauma in the accident & emergency department. He was involved in the departmental research projects like, “Functional evaluation of intra-articular fractures of distal radius treated with various modalities - A Clinical Study” and a project on lower end radius fractures treated by arthroscopic assisted reduction and internal or external fixation for one year sponsored by Indian Council of Medical Research.

He was involved in teaching the undergraduates and streamlined his academic exposure by presenting in seminars and journal clubs. He did fellowship, in Dept of Traumatology and Reconstructive surgery, Katharinen hospital, Stuttgart, Germany under Prof. Dr.Holz. During the fellowship he had the opportunity to assist in trauma surgery as well as joint replacement surgery like hip, knee and shoulder end prosthesis and also in arthroscopic procedures.

He is well experienced in emergency and trauma care. He is working in Sooriya Hospital for the past 2 years as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon under the department of Orthopaedics & the department of emergency and trauma care. Dr. Sivaraman is a very respected Orthopaedics Specialists in Chennai.

Education All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
Department Department of Orthopedics
Designation Orthopedic Surgeon
Specializations Emergency orthopaedic problems like arthroplasties and arthroscopies and trauma care
Experience Fellowship in Dept of Traumatology and Reconstructive surgery, Katharinen hospital, Stuttgart, Germany under Prof. Dr.Holz.
Available Time 10am - 1pm / 6pm - 8pm

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