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The department of dermatology in Sooriya Hospital deals in skin care for a reliable treatment plan of diverse cases. Cases like skin rashes due to infections, ringworms, scaly patches due to bacterial and fungal infection are well attended to. Sooriya hospital focuses in common cases as well as uncommon ones for giving respite for such ailments at reasonable costs with proper care. The dermatology department is well under the guidance of experts. The dermatology department is running smoothly under the hands of best Dermatologists like
Dr.C.M.Srividhya M.D ( DERM )

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Dr.Srividhya Subramaniyam(Dermatologist) Speaks about Skin Infection during summer and how to protect ourselves

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Post covid pulmonary sequelae management (An initiative of Department of pulmonary Medicines Sooriya Hospital, Chennai.)