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The Department OF Neurosurgery

An excellent team of Doctors headed by Dr. Santhosh Mohan Rao MS, DNB, (Neurosurgery) deal with all major and minor neuro surgical procedures. Cerebro Vascular surgeries, Skull Base Tumour Surgery - Post Head Injury, sequelae management, Micro Vascular Decompression for Trigeminal Neuralgia, Glossopharyngial, Neuralgia, Facialtic etc. Spine: Micro Lumbar Discectomy – Disc Prolapse. Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion, Spinal Instrumentation – Both Anterior and Posterior for Fracture, Tumour and Infectious diseases, Unstable Spine.

The department specializes in all areas of Neuro surgery like:

  • Emergency decompression procedures for head injury,spinesurgery,and stroke.
  • Head injury sequel management
  • CSF diversion procedures Ventriculo - peritoneal shunt, Lumbar peritoneal shunt, external ventricular drain
  • Tumors of brain surgery including skull base tumors
  • Tumors of spinal cord and nerves surgery
  • Cervical disc disease medical and surgical management anterior and posterior approaches stabilization and fusion techniques
  • Lumbar disc disease medical and surgical management micro lumbar disc surgery stabilization and fusion techniques
  • Cosmetic surgery cranioplasty burr hole cover
  • Surgery for tuberculosis fungal and other infections of the brain and spinal cord.

Also specialized in surgery for the paediatrics like:

  • Meningocele and Myelomeningocele repair
  • Dermal sinus, lipoma, Diastematomyelia repair and tethered cord release
  • Surgery for infections of the brain and spinal cord
  • Cranio stenosis surgery


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