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Medical Oncology is a Sub specialty of Oncology which deals with the medical management of cancer using anti cancer drugs, where several types of treatment are given like Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Monoclonal antibodies etc. The department is headed by Dr.R.Subramaniam MD Oncologist, who evaluates and treats patients with cancer through a multidisciplinary approach to provide personalized and holistic care.

A combination of drugs with different actions can work together to kill more cancer cells. It can also reduce the chance of cancer becoming resistant to any one of chemotherapy agents.

The treatment is given once in 3 weeks and approximately for six months depending upon the nature of cancer and patients health conditions. All chemotherapy drugs are administered here. The doctor makes an informed decision along with the patient regarding the combination of drugs to be administered.

This depends on the type of cancer and how it affects the normal body function and overall health of the patient. Fighting cancer may be the toughest challenge most of us will ever face but you don't have to face it alone, our outstanding team of clinical expert are committed to treat you with the greatest skill, respect and compassion.


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