Sooriya Hospital Chennai
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Department of Radiology-Imaging Science

Sooriya Hospital has broadest range of medical services with an edge in service quality in various respects. One of it is the department of imaging science (Rajiv CT scan Centre) started with X-ray equipment and whole body color Doppler in the beginning. In the year 2006, An advanced Multislice 4/8-Toshiba Asteion C.T equipment was installed along with Voluson, 730,pro,4 'D whole body Doppler/Ultrasound machine from G.E . Encouraged by the success, the management installed computed Radiography unit in November 2007, and plans to install an MRI by Dec 2008 in Vadapalani. A stand alone Diagnostic Centre Rajiv Scans at 57, Montieth Rd was also inaugurated in Dec 2007 with a Multislice C.T. Siemens., Logiq P-5 (4D) Whole body Doppler/ Ultrasound scan, TMT, X-ray. Lab, Echocardiogram and ECG and so on. This centre is headed by the same team along with full time Senior Radiologist Dr. S.B.Udhay Kumar. MRI has been ordered and expected to be commissioned in June 2008.


We are the only centre to offer advanced and specialized Interventional Procedures.

  • C.T / Ultrasound guided Biopsies
  • Radio frequency / Alcohol Abulation of Tumors
  • Facet and Nerve blocks.
  • Vertebroplasties
  • Angioplasties, Stenting, Coiling etc.

We are adopting high standards in Antenatal Scanning as well as Interventional procedures in Antenatal period and plan to expand the same with a genetic counseling centre.

Apart from routine studies, special studies such as General anomaly scan, follicular study and fetal echocardiography are also being done here. Highly qualified doctors and experienced assistance are the elite team of this scan centre. It is a complete care centre in terms of amenities as well as its availability that is round the clock with dedicated staff & radiologists.

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