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Mrs. Subashini heads the department by the guidance of Dr.Sooriyakala Sreekumar.MD.,DGO.,FRCOG(UK).,..

She is highly experienced and , here she teaches Yoga to the pregnant women during the pre / postnatal care period and to other patients for various ailments like obesity, wheezing etc.

Yoga is means of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions. By doing asanas the body becomes flexible and by practicing prananyamas and meditation the mind calms down.

When a pregnant women feels inner clarity, her confidence grows. When she feels peaceful, her anxiety towards the birth process decreases.

The mind becomes involved on the body movements and this go focus allows the pregnant women to tune out distracting forces around her during labor and to respond appropriately to the contractions.

Yoga gives pregnant women mental and emotional preparation for birth. Yoga offers no guarantees for an easier or quicker birth but helps for normal delivery. The increased body awareness and enhanced ability to breathe and relax will help pregnant women t adjust to the physical demands of labor, birth and motherhood.

At Sooriya Hospital, the pregnant women are immensely befitted and few of the feedbacks are;


By Ms Mary Stella

"Actually after attending Yoga class, my body has become flexible and free. My back pain, knee pain, everything had disappeared. I have become young and energetic after doing Yoga. Am very happy and relaxed when I do Yoga, Thanks to Sooriya Hospital for making me so happy and energetic."

By Mythili

"Feeling very comfortable and able to feel the movements of the baby nicely, This is a pleasant experience for me when compared to my first pregnancy, My body has become more flexible, relaxed and am focused, I feel positive energy flowing in my body. Am very much satisfied that am spending time for myself and my baby"

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