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Inauguration Department of Paediatric Pulmonology

The department of Paediatric Pulmonology along with an asthma clinic for children was inaugurated on 20.07.2008. 30 Paediatricians and 10 general practioners attended the function. The Paediatric Pulmonology department was inaugurated by Dr.Prof.L.Subramaniam, founder of Paediatric Pulmonology foundation.

The bronchoscopic services was inaugurated by Dr.K.Venugopal, The Chairman, division of Pulmonology, Sooriya Hospital.

The spirometric services was inaugurated by Dr.C.P.Sreekumar, The Managing Director of Sooriya Hospital.

This was followed by a CME on Paediatric Pulmonology which was inaugurated by Dr.A.Balachandar, Paediatric Pulmonologist.

Dr.V.Varadharajan, The head of the department of Paediatric Pulmonology delivered the vote of thanks.

Proposed activities of the department:

To run a Paediatric Asthma Clinic which will involve treating asthmatic children, educating parents on the pathophysiology and management of the day to day diseases including the demonstration of inhalation devices will be run by Dr.V.Varadharajan & Dr.Vasanthkumar.

Older children with established asthma will have paediatric monitoring of the PEFR and Spirometry which will help the pulmonologist to identify the services of the illness and to grade the severity.

The asthma clinic will function on Thursday and Friday between 11am - 1 pm and with increasing demand will be extended two more days which will be Tuesday and Wednesday.

It is proposed to conduct spirometry of school going children from Amritha Vidhyalaya and St.Britto Academy to study the environmental influence of aero allergens in the city.

The bronchoscopic service will be available from 1st week of September 2008. The Fibro Optic Bronchoscopy for the diagnostic procedure will be handled by DR.Vijayasekaran, Paediatric Pulmonologist. The Rigid Bronchoscopy which will be usefull for removal of broncho foreign body will be handled by Dr.Balakumar, Paediatric Surgeon.

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