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Total Diabetes Evaluation Package

The Total Diabetic Evaluation Package is recommended for individuals who are already diagnosed with Diabetes. This package includes comprehensive tests to evaluate the extent of blood sugar control during the past 3 months, earliest involvement of the kidneys due to disease, Cardiac status assessment, lipid profile etc.

Aim : To identify degree of DIABETES CONTROL and Associated Conditions.


  •   Include those investigations should be done once in a year for all known diabetic patients
  •   This package provides those investigations at 50% lower cost from the regular charges.


  •   Fasting Blood Sugar / Fasting Urine Sugar
  •   PP Blood Sugar / PP Urine Sugar
  •   Hb A1c (To assess past 3 months diabetic control)
  •   Microalbumin - Creatinine Ratio (To detect Incipient Nephropathy)
  •   Lipid Profile
  •   Urea,Creatinine
  •   Urine Complete Analysis
  •   USG-Abdomen
  •   ECHO
  •   ECG
  •   Physical Examination, Diet Counselling & Consultation by Diabetologist

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